The White Boy

Quinn Becker doesn’t believe in ghosts. Or coincidences. That changes when his five-year-old son, Drew, tells him about the “white boy” who visits him at night. As Drew’s encounters with the white boy escalate, Quinn and his wife, Mel, are forced to decipher what is real and what is the product of their son’s vivid imagination. As the family searches for answers, they discover a link to a 40-year-old mystery and a connection to Quinn’s own past. But the most unsettling discovery is that the white boy is only the beginning. A much more menacing threat is coming.

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The PThe-Prison-Guard's-Son-Web-Smallrison Guard’s Son (Mr. Finn #3)

Search for monsters long enough and you might become one.

Thirty years ago Jacob Vance and Raymond Turner committed a gruesome crime that shocked a small West Virginia town. Only nine years old themselves, they kidnapped and murdered four-year-old Josh Baker. The two boys were quickly arrested, tried and convicted, but were released with new identities after serving only eight years for the crime. Now, the victim’s father has hired Finn Harding to find his son’s killers so he can levy the justice that was denied so long ago.

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Scar Tissue (Mr. Finn #2)

Everyone pays for their mistakes. Some pay more than others. 

When Finn discovers an acquaintance, Dr. Daryl Jennings, is entangled in a fentanyl smuggling operation, he negotiates a deal with the head of an Indianapolis criminal organization to earn the doctor’s freedom. But freedom doesn’t come cheap. To fulfill his obligation, Finn must locate an anonymous criminal banker who skipped town with $5 million of the organization’s money. But how do you find a man with no name, no identity, and no known location?

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The Shadow Broker (Mr. Finn #1)

When finding criminals is your business, it’s easy to make a killing.

Finn Harding (Mr. Finn to his clients) specializes in finding people who don’t want to be found. Stripped of his PI license, Finn begins working for the type of clientele who work in the shadows, pay in cash, and don’t care if he’s licensed or not. Finn is about to find out that working with criminals has its advantages. Staying alive isn’t one of them.

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The Speculator Line

Take a trip to Cedar City where death is an illusion and some trains never stop running.

Caught between a charging posse of U.S. marshals and their fate on the gallows, three outlaws make their escape through a secluded mountain pass. Weary and wounded, they find hope in an unscheduled passage aboard the Speculator Line, a mining train that had ceased running years earlier.

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