Trace Conger

I was born in Cincinnati in 1975. Somehow I earned a degree in creative writing from Ohio University. From there I moved to New York City where I became a public relations consultant helping to shape the public’s perception of large technology companies and making them appear more exciting than they actually were.

After selling my soul for multiple cover stories in magazines and newspapers, I left public relations and transitioned into the less soul-crushing and more honorable role as an advertising and marketing copywriter.

Tiring of 60-hour workweeks, I left the agency life and was born again as a freelance writer. As a freelancer I wrote copy for several great companies (and some lousy ones too) and sweated deadlines from various publications.

Now, I pretend to be an author in the suspense and thriller genres. My award-winning debut novel, THE SHADOW BROKER, introduced the world to the heavily caffeinated and less-than-ethical Mr. Finn, a disgraced PI who walks the fine line between investigator and criminal.

I currently live in Cincinnati with my wonderfully supportive family.